Member Benefits

Joining the AMIEU is the best way to make sure you and your co-workers have the most up-to-date information, the strongest representation, and the best chance at a safe, secure future.

Want more? Read our testimonies from real members about how the union helped them.

Better Pay and Conditions

Union workers on average get paid 23% more than non-union workers (yes, really!), and have their disputes resolved faster.

When you join the union, you empower yourself and your co-workers to speak with one, loud voice. This gives you leverage at the bargaining table to negotiate the kind of pay rises and great conditions you deserve.

Workers on their own can be ignored. Workers standing together get results — and the statistics don’t lie. Join the union if you want a better workplace.

Legal Protection

Dismissed unfairly? Harassed at work? We have your back and we will fight for you.

Union members have access to the finest legal representation. To fight these battles on your own would cost you thousands of dollars just to be heard.

Support When You’re Injured

Your union membership automatically includes a To And From Work Benefit so that you won’t lose out on pay if you have an accident. Get the details.

We also provide an Emergency Transport Benefit that covers ambulance costs for you and your family so that you’re not out of pocket. Read more about that here.

Fighting Fund Payments While On Strike

AMIEU members have access to our Fighting Fund so that when they go on strike, they can continue to be paid. This means you can take industrial action with the confidence of knowing that your fellow members all around the region have your back. Learn more about the Fighting Fund.

Low Income Ticket

Do you earn less than $30,000 per year? You can join the union at a reduced cost to help you get the benefits (and the pay rise!) you need. Click here for information on the Low Income Ticket.

And More

  • Union fees are tax deductible. You can claim some or all of your union fees as deductions on your tax, depending on your personal circumstances.
  • Great deals through Union Shopper. This great service is a 100% union-owned organisation that allows union members the ability to save many hundred of dollars when buying a whole range of goods and services. Visit the Union Shopper website for more information.
  • Free will service. Newcastle & Northern members receive a free “Standard Will Service” through our solicitor Carroll & O’Dea. Full details will be provided upon enquiry, and conditions do apply.

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