Fighting Fund

The Fighting Fund is a new benefit for AMIEU members that will give them access to small payments while they are taking industrial action, allowing them to stay out on strike longer.

Going on strike means going without income. This means that many people can’t afford to stand up for themselves.

After a majority of our members voted in support of this new benefit, we have now created the Fighting Fund so that workers who go on strike will continue to receive some money, paid for by their fellow union members from all across the region.

How it works

  1. You join the AMIEU
  2. You need to be a financial member for at least six months before you are eligible for a Fighting Fund payment
  3. If you take strike action, the AMIEU will pay you up to $100 a day (up to $500 in total) so that you don’t miss out on the money you and your family need.

More details are available by speaking to the AMIEU office or by asking your organiser.

The Fighting Fund is active from July 1 2019 onwards.

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