Update For Coles Members (June 9 2017)

Dear members,

You will be aware that Coles is currently in the process of delaying any new negotiations for any new agreement, after their existing retail agreements have been torn up at the Fair Work Commission.

Some of our members are telling us that Coles is pushing a ‘One Team’ approach in stores.

Our members are being told that because all Coles workers are part of ‘one large team’ that they can be ordered to perform work duties outside of the meat section – stacking shelves, doing stocktake, and other jobs.

This is absolutely incorrect.

As Meat Department workers, you are required to perform duties appropriate for your skills and experience.

Here is the section in your work agreement which covers this matter:

As you can see you can not be ordered to work outside of the Meat Department without your consent.

You are allowed to refuse this request and may advise your manager that you are doing so under section 14.2 of the NSW/ACT Meat Agreement 2012.

However if your manager forces the issue and you ordered to work outside of the Meat Department anyway, you must advise your manager that you would be happy to have a discussion with them and an AMIEU official at an appropriate time.

If you ever have any doubts or questions, or are being ordered to do something that doesn’t seem right, contact your AMIEU official immediately.

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