Turnbull Wastes Time Attacking At-Risk Children While Workers Continue To Be Exploited

Malcolm Turnbull has shown his true, far-right conservative colours by bowing to pressure to investigate the “dangerous” Safe Schools Program, which “indoctrinates” LGBTI children across Australia by teaching them an extremely subversive message: that they are normal, valid people who are welcome in our society.

The AMIEU Newcastle & Northern notes with growing disbelief that an inquiry into this supportive, positive, anti-bullying campaign was organised in just days, but that an inquiry into exploited migrant workers who are forced to work for 47 cents an hour still hasn’t managed to have a single meeting.

There are a lot of issues facing Australians and it’s the job of a government to prioritise them as it believes best. It’s extremely disheartening therefore to note that Malcolm Turnbull and his far-right backers are of the opinion that covering up children’s ears and stopping them from learning that gay people exist is apparently more important than ending modern slavery.

We suggest that Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Bernadi and his backers like Lyle Shelton at the Australian “Christian” Lobby spend less time worrying about how and when other people are allowed to use the bathroom, and more time thinking about ways to improve the lives of workers and Australians of all kinds.