Meat workers unite to save jobs at Scone plant

Union members at JBS Swift’s Scone processing plant have had a victory earlier this year after their collective bargaining power saw them retain their jobs during a downsizing effort by the company.

AMIEU Newcastle & Northern is pleased to report that every single union member at the Scone plant kept their jobs during this difficult time, with union members stepping up to fight for their rights and speak with one voice.

This news is a great example of the power of collective bargaining, and the importance of being united with your fellow workers. By standing up and standing together, union members have ensured their job security at a time when severe drought is causing a production downturn across the sector.

Lisa-Maree Richards, who works at the Scone plant as a rouseabout, is one of the union members who stood up for her right to secure employment. She explained that she was “devastated” by the looming cuts.

“I knew there were going to be a lot of cut backs,” said Lisa-Maree. “A lot of people I felt close to, work wise and family-wise, and I knew that it was going to devastate them as well. It was going to be very hard for them.”

“Without the union I wouldn’t have a job today, and neither would half the people here.”

Another worker at Scone is Brandon Ford, operating the jawbreaker.

“The union saved me,” says Brandon, in no uncertain terms. “The union is like a family. They all stick together. They help each other out.”

“All young blokes like me should join the union.”

Union workers get better pay, better conditions, and work together for a better future. Join the union today.

(Photograph courtesy The Scone Advocate)