Safety tips for meat workers

Safety tips for meat workers

The development of the OHS booklet was managed by the AMIEU Newcastle and Northern Branch as part of a project funded under the WorkCover NSW WorkCover Assist Program.

The book itself has little value if what it contains is not read and understood by workers in the aforementioned sectors. It is for this reason that attempts have been made to simplify some of the often technical jargon associated with the management of workplace risks.

It is the expressed desire of the AMIEU that by providing workers with the information it will assist in the prevention of workplace injuries or illness. An objective of the “Project Brief” is to extend the benefit of the material contained in the book to members of a Non-English Speaking Background by translation into the following languages: a) Chinese, b) Korean, and c) Portuguese.

This Booklet will also be accessible on the AMIEU OHS Website

Please email us know if you would prefer to receive the OHS booklet in any of the three languages and the AMIEU will arrange to have this posted to your home address.

As the Union has a Google Language Bar readily accessible on the AMIEU OHS Website, you may also select any other languages when opening the OHS booklet on the website.

What information do you require?

We would like to know what you think about  the information that is provided in both the OHS booklet and the OHS website and whether you feel that it has helped you understand more about safe work practice, rights and obligations as well as understanding what to do if you sustain a work related illness or injury.

Your feedback will not only assist the AMIEU in its evaluation procedures required by the Project but also to know what you think will be of benefit to you and your workmates in the industry.

Please take the time to complete the questionnaire provided with the journal. Your feedback is very welcome and will assist all members.

The questionnaire is also available on the OHS Website as another option for you if you prefer to complete the questionnaire on line, a more direct way to providing us with your feedback.

Remember, it is everyone’s desire to achieve a healthy and safe workplace.



A special thanks to Members of the O H & S Committees from the participating companies who have provided the practical support in the development of this booklet.

Norco Co-operative Raleigh

Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd

Primo Australia Scone Abattoir

Northern Co-operative Meat Company

Thanks also to Ian McDonald – Director of IMAC Safety Systems for his support as an OHS practitioner and Project Advisor.