Workplace Incident At JBS Scone

The AMIEU can today confirm that one of our members, a hide puller operator named Shayne Crowfoot, was injured in a workplace accident today at JBS Scone.

The operator was injured when the hide puller platform collapsed, causing him to fall out.  He was rushed to hospital by helicopter with suspected multiple injuries.

AMIEU representatives were on-site within the hour and are now conducting their own investigation into events, with no WorkSafe inspectors presently on-site.

The AMIEU understands that one of our members alerted JBS management to a safety issue with the machine early this morning. We have grave concerns that the company may have ignored this safety warning and proceeded with work against the advice of the worker.

We are deeply disappointed with JBS management for allowing this to happen and for taking a reactive stance on worker safety rather than being pro-active and addressing worker concerns.

We will provide further information as our investigation continues. AMIEU officials will be on-site again on Monday 19 June.

Members with questions are encouraged to contact the AMIEU office on (02) 4929 5496.