WBE Update (July 12 2018): Company Refuses To Cancel Lockout

Wingham Beef Exports members,

Congratulations on your incredible turnout at yesterday’s rally and march in the park.

Thanks to your strength and solidarity, your fight for a fair wage has made the local and national news. WBE knows that you are prepared to take real action to fight for a living wage.

As you know, the AMIEU wrote to the company yesterday asking them to cancel the lockout and return to bargaining.

We have now received a reply from the company this morning. They are refusing to cancel the lockout until the AMIEU withdraws our notice of industrial action.

You have two options. One is to vote to advise us to withdraw our action notice. Two is to leave things as they are.

Our recommendation is that we withdraw our notice so that we can get back to the bargaining table and get members back to work.

We can always exercise our workplace rights later if we need to!

We ask you to respond by replying to the SMS you just received.

Reply YES to vote to withdraw our notice of action and return to bargaining


Reply NO to vote to continue refusing to work

We will count your votes and send you a text message once they have been counted. Please vote today before 4PM.

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Delegate Mick Schiffmann: 0407 522 179
  • Delegate Scott Furze: 0417 292 449
  • Organiser Amanda Harvey: 0400 879 507

A copy of the company’s proposed new agreement is available at the plant office. We strongly recommend that everyone turns up at the plant today with their union shirts on to collect their copy.

We will be in touch soon.