Thomas Foods Tamworth EA Update (23/5/19)

The AMIEU today attended a Fair Work Commission meeting with Thomas Foods representatives to discuss what we believe are serious issues with the new agreement.

We have told the Fair Work Commission and TFI management that we believe the agreement will not be good enough to pass the required tests.

In fact, we believe that some workers would actually be better off under minimum Award wages and conditions than under this proposal, which would be unfair.

There will be a hearing next month when the Fair Work Commission will decide on the matter.

Thomas Foods could give you a pay rise now if they wanted to, but they have decided that they will wait until the agreement is approved and save themselves some money.

Other work sites like Wingham Beef and Bindaree Beef have given their meat workers a pay rise as soon as they voted YES to their agreements, choosing not to wait for the Fair Work Commission. Thomas Foods could do this too but they have decided not to. This was their choice.

If you are an AMIEU member you can contact the office with any questions on 4929 5496 and we will get an organise to speak to you.

If you are not a member, now is the time to join! More members means more strength in the negotiations for a better deal. You can join online here.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to fight for a fair deal for you.

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