Petition Update: Teys Opposes Your Right To Bargain!


Teys Tamworth workers have spoken loud and clear: they want a wage rise, and they want to bargain.

That’s why the AMIEU delivered your petition and signatures to the Fair Work Commission last week, to get the ball rolling on bargaining for a wage rise.

Even though almost 300 Teys Tamworth workers have signed the petition, that’s not good enough for Teys.

They’ve now told the Fair Work Commission that they are going to challenge the petition!

Teys doesn’t believe you actually want a wage rise. 

Now Teys is forcing the Fair Work Commission to go through and check every one of the 300 signatures, just to make sure that Teys workers really do want a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

We will keep you updated on how Teys challenge progresses.

AMIEU organisers will be back in Tamworth the week of Monday 26 March.

What can I do?

Join the union! Being part of the AMIEU means that you’ll have a stronger position at the bargaining table and have your voice heard when it comes time to negotiate with Teys.

You’ll also get tons of great benefits, including financial support when you’re injured on the road, emergency transport support, cost-price tools, industrial support, and more.

You can join online safely and securely right here using your credit card or debit card.

Already a union member? Tell your mates to join!

The more people are in the union, the stronger everyone is, together.

Only by standing together can workers get a fair share.

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