Thomas Foods International runs away from Fair Work Commission for second time

Meat workers at Thomas Foods in Tamworth are now going without a promised pay rise yet again, as the company runs away from the Fair Work Commission for the second time.

TFI Tamworth has now held two different votes on two different enterprise agreements. Each time the AMIEU has told them their agreement is dodgy and it won’t pass the Fair Work Commission tests. Each time the company has responded that we are wrong.

Now, for the second time, TFI has withdrawn their application right at the last minute when it’s due to be tested by the Fair Work Commission – just after the AMIEU asks them to turn over all the documents they claim to have which prove the agreement isn’t dodgy.

“We believe that Thomas Foods are simply trying to delay any wage rise as long as possible so they can keep paying their workers the low rates of the expired EBA,” said AMIEU Newcastle & Northern NSW Secretary Grant Courtney.

“This means more money in their pocket, and no sign-on bonuses or wage rises for the workers. It’s pathetic and it needs to stop. Minimum wages are about to go up 3.3% on July 1, which means the workers at Thomas Foods Tamworth who are now stuck on their expired EBA are falling further behind.”

“Meanwhile, Thomas Foods is spending $500 million on building a new plant in South Australia, with the government chipping in another $24 million of public money to help out. Why aren’t the workers in Tamworth getting their share of the cash?”

“Enough is enough. This company needs to stop delaying, stop wasting everyone’s time, and immediately give their workers a real wage rise so they can keep up with the rising costs of living.”

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AMIEU Newcastle & Northern NSW
PH: (02) 4929 5496