Deal Struck At JBS Scone After Further Negotiations

The AMIEU and JBS Scone management have reached in-principle agreement on a revised offer, which will be voted on by meat workers at the company in the coming weeks.

Management at JBS Scone have dropped their claims for 13 compulsory overtime Saturdays each year after more than 80 meat workers walked off the job on Friday 6 July, gathering in the park for a rally where they called on the company to put family time first.

The revised offer now includes only 10 compulsory overtime Saturdays which are guaranteed not to line up with public holiday long weekends.

If the workers at JBS Scone vote to accept the revised offer, they will receive up to a 13.5% wage ($118) increase over four years, as well as guaranteed 12 rostered days off for workers on a 5-day roster, and a sign on bonus of $300.

“The AMIEU is proud of Scone workers for standing up for what they believe in and walking out on an initial unacceptable offer,” said AMIEU Newcastle & Northern NSW Secretary Grant Courtney.

“Thanks to their strength and solidarity, the company has substantially moved forward on its initial offer, as well as backing away from their attempt to take control of workers weekends and family time.”

“We look forward to hearing what our members at JBS Scone have to say about the latest offer and will be guided by their decision.”

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AMIEU Newcastle & Northern NSW
PH: (02) 4929 5496