Beef cut at Casino meatworks named world’s best steak

CASINO has steaked its claim to the title of Australia’s Beef Capital after processing a Wagyu which has been named the world’s best steak at the World Steak Challenge in London.

The winning wagyu was reared by Jack’s Creek at Willow Tree Farm south of Tamworth before heading to Warwick where it was fed for 450 days at Mayden Feedlot.

Casino connection

After a wheat and corn-based feed, the Wagyu crossed back over the border, bound for the Casino Northern Co-operative Meat Company abattoir.

Northern Co-operative Meat Company chief executive officer Simon Stahl said not only does Casino hold the title of best beef, but it’s also been named best processor as well.

“We’re very happy for Patrick (Warmoll from Jack’s Creek) and his team and we feel privileged to have played a little part in the process,” he said.

“Butchering and processing is a very very highly skilled trade and it does take a lot of skill to process the end product.

“A lot of international customers know of Australian businesses, and our establishment number 239 is highly regarded throughout many countries in the world.”

Steak to be proud of

Feedlot owner Geoff Willett said he had a great feeling of pride at the win.

“The secret to success comes down to the feed and the dedication and pride in the work done by my staff,” he said.

Jack’s Creek managing director Patrick Warmoll told the Warwick Daily News they selected Maydan for several reasons.

“Firstly for the proximity to the abattoir in Casino and because Geoff was feeding EU accredited – he was prepared to give it a go,” he said

“Our winning wagyu was bred at Big Jacobs Creek at Willow Tree, then spent time at Breezer Plains before being grain fed at Maydan.”

Mr Warmoll said their winning entry had the edge over the Wagyu competition.

“Our steak had fine marbling characteristics, a genetic trait we select for and Geoff’s feeding encourages that,” he said.

“70-75% of our EU production cattle are bred by ourselves, the other 25% are sourced from people like Geoff.”

Seventy steaks from 10 different countries were entered into the World Steak Challenge, with 11 going on to win Gold Medals.